Bird education society

Bird Education Society


The Bird Education Society (BES) is a grass root organization concerned with the conservation of birds and wildlife in Nepal. BES carries out awareness programs in villages and educational activities in schools and also conducts bird surveys and research programs all across Nepal. BES was established in 1994 as registered NGO (charity no. 56/052/053) with objective to create awareness about bird conservation to school children and far flung village communities through bird surveys, studies, publications and public meetings. BES looks forward to building a stronger, vibrant society through partnership with all conservation organizations that will safeguard birds and wildlife in Nepal. BES has been registered to Social Welfare Council (regd. no. 45118). BES is also an honorary member of Oriental Bird Club (OBC) of UK.

Bird Education Society Sauraha, Chitwan,Nepal Phone: +0977-056-580113 E-mail:


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  • Mission
    Genearate awareness by organizaing activities related to the conservation of birds and their habitat in both schools and communities.
    Conduct bird surveys and publish the reports based on the information gathered.
    Discourage illegal activities such as hunting, trapping and poisoning which threaten the bird population.
    Emphasize and support activities related to evironmental protection and wildlife conservation.

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