Bird education society

Bird Education Society


Education and Awareness Program

As Bird Education Society intends to protect birds and their habitat by generating awareness in schools and the communities, its education and awareness program has been a focus on these program. BES is organizing diverse programs in schools and communities to raise conservation awareness. Some of the successful programs include Green Club Program in Schools, Green Camp and School Awareness Program. BES has also organized bird conservation programs for teachers, college students, journalists and volunteers. In this program, participants receive wide array of information on birds, wildlife and environment with discussions, hands on activities and field trips.

Green Club

Green club is a group of trained students who design simple programs in school and community in the field of environment, sports, health and sanitation, and culture. They prepare half-yearly or annual action plan and do the programs accordingly with the support from school management and other organizations including BES.

BES has established ten green clubs in Chitwan. They are not only working in schools but also involving with the communities on conservation awareness programs with clean up campaign, plantation, smoke less stove and simple pit latrine construction. In schools, they are organizing clean up program, various sports competitions, carrier development competitions (art, spelling, quiz, speech contests), and cultural programs.

Green clubs that have been working in Chitwan are:

a) Friendship Green Club (Jhuwani Secondary School)
b) Bachhauli Green Club (Bachhauli Secondary School)
c) Prakriti Green Club (Mohana Secondary School)
d) Kapiya Green Club (Kapiya Secondary School)
e) Chetana Green Club (Malpur Lower Secondary School)
f) Chitrasen Green Club (Chitrasari Lower Secondary School)
g) Kaparphori Green Club (Karparphori Lower Secondary School)
h) Mainaha Junior Green Club (Mainaha Primary School)
i) Badreni Junior Green Club (Bodreni Primary School)
j) Sisai Junior Green Club (Sisai Primary School)

Survey and Research Program

BES is doing various bird surveys and monitoring programs in Nepal. Saturday Bird Watching Program is continuing and it covers wide area of different habitats: grassland, forest and wetlands. The data thus gathered would be helpful to update the information on faunal diversity in the Chitwan Valley. With this information, BES has already published second edition of Bird Checklist Chitwan that includes 509 bird speices, and total species is still rising. BES is conducting Barandabhar Bird Survey in the Barandabhar Forest Corridor in every two years with collaboration of Resources Himalaya. Other notable research programs includes:

a) Galliformes Survey in the Chitwan Valley
b) Koshi Tappu Bird Tour
c) Bird Survey in Parsa Wildlife Reserve
d) Bird Monitoring in Shaktikhor
e) Bird Survey in Community Forests
f) Bird Survey in Far Western Nepal