" Dedicated to conserve birds & their habitats "
About Bird Education Society (BES)

About Bird Education Society (BES)

Bird Education Society (BES) is a conservation-oriented organization. It was founded in 1996 as a non-profit and non-government organization with a goal of conserving birds and their habitat through public awareness and participation.

BES engages people from different walks of life for the protection of birds and their habitat.

BES conducts bird surveys, research on birds, organic farming training to local farmers and bird identification techniques training to nature guides and school and college students. The society also publishes bird posters for educational and awareness purposes. Its publications include Bird Checklist of Chitwan and Panchhi, a quarterly newsletter.

BES also discourages all forms of persecution of bird and other wild animals such as hunting, trapping and poisoning, caging and illegal trade.

Being a member and volunteer-based organization, BES looks forward to building a strong partnership with other conservation-oriented organizations and local communities in order to safeguard wellbeing of bird and other biodiversity in Nepal.

Vision: Sustainable communities maintaining harmony with bird and biodiversity.

Mission Statement: Dedicated to educate people about the importance of birds and their pivotal roles in the ecosystem.

Goal: Conservation of birds and their habitats through public participation andconservation awareness programs.

Bird Education Society Nepal

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